The Divine Obsession

This morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee and my homemade cookies, I have read one blog and i shed tears every single time.
whatever it is You will look beautiful beyond words to him even in just a simple white dress if you remember to dress yourself with love, to walk in the shoes of understanding, to be covered in the veil of trust and crowned with the jewel of respect. Your inner beauty and confidence will outshine any couture dress.: “You will look beautiful beyond words to him even in just a simple white.

Well I love with beautiful words above , absolutely is TRUE but yes from the chapter pre-planning of my wedding. I was very, very exciting about my gown and here to share little bit my passion of a gown, fashion and a tale. For most women a wedding gown represents far more than just a dress. It is also the embodiment of a dream. Perhaps one she has nurtured since childhood.

In this fantasy of idealized happiness.

No matter you are The traditionalist (A love of style always precedes fashion and looks beyond fashion to style), The Modernist (Through the eyes of a modernist, the future is now, a sense of daring is always implied), The Sensualist ( finds pleasure in everything she wears, obsessed with experiencing pleasure on every level), The Romanticist(fantasy is always a reality and passion guides for every decision) and The Minimalist (Less is always more).

From Vera WangJ. CrewValentinoSamantha Wayne or creative local designer Biyan, ensure you choose the suitable as your personality.

Find and discover your style …..