The Istana Wedding I To Have & To Hold I Kera & Willie

The istana wedding

Even then, everytime I see two couples holding their hands, looking deeply into each other and saying their promises to each other always touch my heart.

That, to me is a true practical definition of the line “to love and to hold”. It’s when you love that person so deeply, that you’re always there to support and just give the assurance that you’re there whenever your partner needs you.

The Istana as the wedding venue for Kera & Willie, well….the glorious thing that about The Istana is that although it’s breathtaking, it’s not over the top, shiny suited and draped in bling. An amazing clifftop wedding.

So my congratulations to both Kera & Willie for finding each other, for finding someone that completes you, for finding someone to love and hold you.