Passion I Cindy & Tony

Cindy & I becoming friends after we have telephone calls, correspondence for photo tour arrangement, parted during pre-planning the details, locations and concept..Oh those days were unforgettable.

As for this “HOT” couple, I knew just the kind of photo concept for them. They are not your everyday couple. I knew they wanted something more elegance, passionate, and hot. Inspired by the beautiful resort Amanusa we head out to start capture their passion. It was so natural for them. I love love the series taken in Amanusa, Art Cultural Centre and Uluwatu beach.

To sweet Tony, You’re a lucky dude to win Cindy’s heart (a passionate, smart and perfectionist) . I’m sure you will live your life to the fullest, pursuing new paths no one has taken before, and doing things your own way. Congrats

We knew we were in for a special treat the very moment we laid our eyes on this stunning Bali wedding by Agung and team. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING – about this darling soiree screams pure sophistication and downright gorgeousness. From the sweet details to the “Elegance Amibience” vibe, I am really statisfied and all just Perfect.
Against thank you Agung and team..
— The Bride, Cindy

Shoes by: Jimmy Choo
Necklace by: Paul & Joe
Dry Flower Bouquet by: L’occitane
Hair & Make by: keJana Hair & Make Up