Romancing Bali | Bali Pre – Wedding | Winnie & Alex

Bali Prewedding_W&A.jpg

I have been working on the album of Winnie &  Alex as I look through all their images I cannot believe I haven’t yet shared this beautiful Pre – wedding on the blog!   I’m really pleased with the images I got (I hope Winnie & Alex are too!).  I think they reflect the classic, sophisticated style of this Pre -wedding and also give a artistic sense of fashion, as she requested the images be more high sense of beauty portrait.

But to be honest I don’t think that even these images tell the full story of just how beautiful, fun and full of love this day was.   Winnie & Alex really are a great couple.   They seem to me to be romantics.   But not the dreamy, head in the clouds kind of romantics.  They are timeless, feet on the ground, filled with life and the joy of it, kind of romantics.  Winnie is young , smart & bussy carrier woman …Alex, his a professional lawyer and who moved from London to HongKong for Winnie, How sweet !

And I’d like to say thank you so much for our former Bride, Ms. Katharine Lo (wedding at BVLGARI, Bali ) who highly recommended our service to her. So thrilled to be more extended and circle of friends.

“Our passion and love for each other helped us through this long distance relationship which has finally culminated in us taking this big leap. After having spent a very intense day in Bali with Agung literally spent for full day, we have realized that Agung shares this same love and passion for his photography.”

Dear Agung,
 there is no way to adequately thank you for putting together the most fabulous day ever. The first one was gorgeous and the second one even more gorgeous. But this one was off the charts! You are an extremely talented and great photographer. Thank you for all of the hard work, your patience and the art pieces
— Winnie Young (Vice Precident of Morgan Stanley HK)