Romantic Boudoir


Hello lovelies !  Today I’m thrilled to finally be able to share the images from an incredibly beautiful shoot I was lucky to work on last week. Embracing the current trend for bridal boudoir, we wanted to showcase the emotion, beauty and feelings of a bride on her wedding day inspired by romantic work of our principal photographer "Agung Mulyajaya".

Boudoir shots trend continues to grow in popularity. The photo sessions are especially popular among brides - to - be wanted to create something softer, something more subtle. And here we are, Agung wanted it to be more about what's hinted at rather than what's on show. To be about revealing femininity and not just sexuality. "Not being overt, but being demure and yet still sexy and glamorous."

What are your thoughts on boudoir? Are you more sexy siren, or understated muse?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  And If you're interested in creating romantic boudoir shoot, or would like some styling help with your wedding photography, you can find out more about our works by sending "Hello" to