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Here in my blog I'd love to share what we love, what we do and what we did ..... not only about my recent weddings, the story of our valuable clients Or the wedding inspirations but also about Our life as balinese in this holistic island.

The history of Bali is rich in sacred traditions. And some people said Bali is magnificent island that is rich in tradition and cultural history. One icon of this meaningful culture is "Topeng" . Topeng has existed in Bali for so many years, and remains enormously popular throughout Bali. In Topeng, a story from Balinese history is presented through a series of masked dances. Topeng dancers hold a special role among performing artists, in that they must be literate in history and religion.

And today is a very special ceremony we honor one of the eldest temple which is the beginning of the development of the mask "Topeng" in Bali. Khayangan Jagat Pengukur temple located in Tampaksiring built in 1194. During the ceremony, resource "Topeng" (barong, rangda etc) are piled high and blessed with big offerings and procession.

I hope you found something inspire you here,,,,