Bali Boudoir


Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote a letter to his Immortal Beloved. This melancholic, highly passionate love affair,seductive and romantic poem was used as inspiration for this boudoir editorial. We tried to explore the darker and more seductive side of a love affair clouded by intense passion, uncontrollable yearning and the desire for totality in the sense of love and loyalty. 

Shot in a Javanese Joglo, which is a traditional home used by the old nomadic tribes of Jawa, we included many vintage items and a oil painting of said beloved as the Grooms representation. We approached Imaj Gallery to see if they wanted to explore this new adventure with us and they said, Yes! It was a risky one for both of us but I think to be able to represent love in all it's forms, including the uncontrollable desire one has for their other, was an exciting challenge to the both of us. 

Mood: Mystical, Moody, Glamorous, Ethereal, Dark, Sensual, 
Palette: Black, Sheer Green, Dark Purple, Golden Light

Not for white wedding traditionalists, MY IMMORTAL BELOVED revels in deeper shades, finding beauty in black lace and darkly petalled, the drama and elegance of a jet black lace, tulle and vibrant flowers as the contract seduction, consider planning your bridal boudoir as special gift. This theme embraces the mysticism buried in all of us, an affinity with the romance and celestial glamour of darkness.

Ever thine.
Ever mine. 
Ever ours.

Photo by Agung Mulyajaya | Stylist, Fowers & Stationeries by Paper Diamonds  | Lingerie by Gooseberry Intimates | Jewelry by Gooseberry Intimates & Tiger Frames | Cake by Use Real Butter.