Vintage Intimate Blessing | Sanctuary Villa


Lighter than the Air, Erin Glawe & Pasquale’s  KICK UP their heels for a fun - filled weekend imbued with vintage charm. 

The wedding from start to finish was full with so many personal touches, taking place in the side of Paradise, Bali. Inspired by the idea of an all outdoor soiree, inclusions of earthen greens and opulent paste contrasted the subtle hints of glamorous french style . A long stem bouquet of white phalaenopsis, roses perfectly complimented Erin’s styling in a delicately jeweled Victoria Beckham gown.

Moving effortlessly from ceremony to an intimate reception beneath the stars, tablescapes spilled with hand-picked blooms paired with vintage accents, woodsy and hits of pastel theme.

Erin, Pasquale and their families welcomed and treated all of us as family. Agung and I became teary eyed and felt such emotion while witnessing this celebration of beauty and love.

From the Bride :

The overall theme for our wedding was vintage romantic & I think we captured exactly that. We really want to stay away from anything too modern & rustic. The idea all started with a few quotes. I (bride) love literature and F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my fave novelists (perhaps it's the Minnesota connection or that I would live during the 1920's if I could go back in any decade)..

The idea then came came to add a few personal touches antique picture frames for decoration with typed quotes inside. That's when all the fun really started. My fiancé (now husband) and I searched literally all over the world for the best antiques. Starting in montreal then ordering from Istanbul, Paris, Belgium, London, Tel Aviv, Bulgaria, etc. I also had to order a refurbished typewriter and away I went. It was so much fun & loved the fact that I was our personal touch!

This led to the next idea, I/we wanted antique candle sticks everywhere! And .... those parasols we keep mentioning. My late grandmother was a Norwegian painter  (and quite the talented lady, I really wanted to do something special as a tribute to her. We were very close & she was such an important part of my life for 28 years. So, I had one of her favorite pieces she made custom printed on paper parasols. I really just thought it would be as props & for photo pts, but then I realize it was her way being part of my special day & shining down us during that intimate moment. The sun shining the day until the minutes of ceremony began ..Of course, the minute we were announced  as husband and wife  - the rain stopped & the party started. Talk about timing !

Lastly - it's as true blessing for it rain our day. There were many people with difference  cultures & spiritual ideologies watching the ceremony (vendors, guest & staff), but everyone who attend couldn't believe what happened  and how beautiful it was. Everyone agree together that it was truly blessing - as did we!

End of the day when Agung sent the images, I couldn't describe in a word!  So Happy, the Happiest Bride ever .... one of the most memorable parts of the day came from a collaboration from our amazing photographer Agung Mulyajaya & Rio Helmi from Imaj Galery.