Why I do what I do

Oh well, I don't know where to begin .. I should stating  been so long I didn't post something about me, mood, life and sharing tips on a wedding. And here today walk down my stairs gallery and seeing my four adorable babies picture grew up so fast brings me some memories, beautiful memories ..

One day you’ll be 82, sitting in a rocking chair, looking out the window at some backyard, or neighborhood, or ocean. A million thoughts will be racing through your mind, as you rock back and forth, filling out your crossword puzzle and sipping on green tea. Your thoughts will stay mostly in the present, but will often drift back to the past, where you begin to reminisce on your first friend, your first dance, the first time you drove a car, your first love. When your children + grandchildren come over you’ll find yourself telling them of the tales that remain closest to your heart, one of which is your first real love, the one that stuck, the one that didn’t get away – the one that pursued, persisted, and showed you what it meant to truly, deeply care for another human being.

I hope when these times present themselves, you pull out the pictures, and just by glancing at the photograph you instantly are brought back to that moment, to that time, and most importantly, to that feeling. Almost as if the photograph itself is transporting you to the past, to your love.

You see life is a fragile thing. Love, like it or not, is also a fragile thing. Everyday we risk loosing the ones we love to whatever fate our cards hold. It’s not something we think about, no, but it’s something we know deep down in our soul – which is why we tend to capture as much of these fleeting moments as we possibly can, because in the end all we have to look back on are the photographs. The ones we took when were being silly, and raw, and imperfectly perfect. The ones where we loved purely, genuinely, and affectionately. Where we weren’t afraid to touch or to laugh or to be intimate.

For me, this is what it’s all about This is why I get out of bed in the morning. This is why I do what I do. This is what I think about when I start brainstorming a session, or am thinking about when I’m fidgeting with posing, or lighting, or even editing. This is whats in my heart with each and every person I encounter. It’s this moment, this precise moment, when you’re alone and you need something to cling to, something to remember, something to cherish. If anything, I know my purpose on this earth was to bring you back to these moments when life felt limitless and romantic. It’s to remind you how deeply loved you were by your spouse. This vision alone is why I do what I do ~ Nilou