Vibrant Bali Wedding


We have been quiet with posts lately because this is the time of year when Agung & I disconnect a little from work to just be with family.  We have always believed that family matters above all else – even when sometimes you don’t really like what members of your family might say or do or how they might act.  To us, it is their fundamental presence in our life that is important.  Family is what you make it.   We are lucky to have a big, crazy, hard-to-work-out-how-everyone-fits-together extended family and while it is sometimes confusing to explain who is a cousin & who is an aunt to our 4 young children, it gives me nothing but joy when we get together to see my sons relax into the vibe of being among this group of people. This family gives them a sense of belonging that cannot easily be defined and can never be replaced.  The family we are part of is largely not one we have chosen (no-one does) – it is the one that has been chosen for us. In 2016 we were reminded to cherish it.

To start the new year we would like to share the weddings that are extra special because they aren't mere only as our client but they also give several word of mouth recommendation, that's we call client - friend - extended family. Jody and Marty Wedding also got feature by Ruffled, I can’t tell you the pleasure Agung got from photographing their weddings.  When you photograph a wedding it provides a deep reminder of the importance of the images you are taking.  We hope this vibrant weddings inspire you to enjoy the time that is given to you something out of the box from wedding installation moodboard. If you wonder who's the creative person behind this unique concept, the planning and design by Elvira Narowcka from Hari Indah.