How to get more romantic photos


Let’s face it we all want romantic photos, especially on our wedding day. In the end those are the images we frame, the images we share with friends and family, and the images that we look back on when we want to relive our special day. So how do you get more romantic photos? I’ve got three tips on how you my dear reader, can get those pinterest worthy shots on your special day.

  1. Write and Read Personal Vows: Out of all the weddings I’ve shot, one of the most beautiful and raw moments I witnessed was at Sarah and James. This beautiful couple decided to write love notes to one another prior to the ceremony.  They held hands on opposite sides of the door, read the words one another wrote + the emotion just flowed. Hands down one of the sweetest moments I’ve witnessed as a photographer. When you tell your significant other how they make you feel + what they mean to you – I’m sorry but those emotions are as raw as they come.
  2. Opt In for a First Look: While I tell each and every one of my couples the decision is 100% yours in regards to their first look, I can’t help but rave about how much I love them. The reason? Without a first look – you’re seeing one another for the first time in front of all your guests at the ceremony. You can’t talk, you can’t touch, you can’t embrace, or at least, like you want to, because you’ve got a ceremony to put on. Why I LOVE love love first looks is because during this special time you can do all of these things (look, hug, kiss, talk, read vows, embrace) and make the moment truly yours. It’s private, it’s intimate, and it’s incredibly romantic. While that memory in and of itself is amazing, you’ve now also got beautiful + extremely romantic photos to look back on because it wasn’t staged, it was real.
  3. Indulge in One Drink: Allright, some people might frown upon this one – but I’m all for calming those nerves + embracing the moment. Truth be told, weddings can bring out a ton of unwanted nervous emotions on both parties, and sometimes (not all the time) it’s a good idea to relieve these nerves with one drink. I’ve had engagement sessions where my couples will have had a shot, or a margarita prior because pre-camera nerves are getting the best of them + I can’t tell you how much that relieved the stress + made that session totally amazing. However, I do say one drink only because it’s meant to relax you, overindulging on your wedding day is never a good thing because it could lead to all sorts of awful things you don’t want happening on one of the most special days of your love story.