How to Rock your sparkler exit



  1. Buy The Right Sparklers –  If you take anything away from these sparkler exit tips, let this be it. Buying the right sparklers for your wedding sparkler exit is SO important, because if you opt for the wrong kind, you might ruin your exit all together. The advantage of buying the big sparklers is that you buy yourself time to make it down the exit aisle without worrying that the sparklers will burn out too quick.  Depending on the size of your party, you might even have enough time to run down the aisle twice.  I highly recommend going with 36′ sparklers for any wedding guest count over 150 (they will last for three minutes).  Anything under a count of 150 opt for the 20′ sparklers and possibly plan for 2 sparklers per person (they will last for one and a half minutes).  A few great places to check out sparklers are here for 36′ and here for 20′.   
  2. Bring Multiple Lighters – Often times with big parties, there are hundreds of sparklers and only one lighter.  I highly suggest bringing 1 lighter for every 10-20 people, so you aren’t waisting time lighting.  I recommend giving the lighters to a few designated (and responsible) guests and having them all light up their small groups at the same time. 
  3. Slow It Down – I know this moment is exciting.   You’ve danced the night away and are ready to end the night with the bang!  Imagine: The sparklers are being lit and friends and family are cheering your names… your first inclination might be to run, but if you really want to get the best sparkler photos ever, it’s better if you walk.  I say this because photographers will usually shoot this portion in low light and without flash.  If you run too fast, there is a chance your photographer will ask you to do it again.  So rather than run, walk briskly…but still…
  4. Bring The Energy – We don’t want you to kill your momentum.  The crowd is hyped, you are hyped – keep that energy up as you walk briskly down the isle.  Go in for a kiss and dip, have your man fist pump when he kisses you, do the boogie, have him twirl you, have him lift you at the end…crank the music and dance your way down the exit – whatever it is, keep that energy high (because that’s what makes for some great photos) and if you want to…
  5. Twice is Just as Nice – Look at it this way.  You’ve invested into this sparkler exit.  You bought the right sparklers, the lighters, and the crowd is already pumped so why not run through it again? You keep that momentum going & allow for your photographer to have even more options!  If you do decide to go in for it twice – make sure you let your photographer & your guests know so everyone is on the same page.