A coastal wedding in Karma Kandara


There are places synonyous with romance. From Eat,Pray, Love, these are the spaces to where our minds wander – the destinations that have inspired romanticism as genre. With sunset skies and irridescent waters, The Uluwatu have long allured travellers to their shores. Their coastal vinettes lend themselves as evocative referents, timeless reminders of where we’d rather be.

Held on seashores of Karma Kandara, Ines + Edouardo’s wedding was set before a dramatic backdrop of seas and clifftop. As guests moved from ceremony to reception, the landscape shifted from day to dusk.

The whole experience was full of memorable moments. Worked along with Ines + Edouardo's in their most personal day full of talks, drinks and laughter makes our life so much easier .. One moment that really stands out was on the wedding night they had organised ocean fireworks without the guests or husbands knowledge and it was priceless. At the end of the day, the praise from Ines+ Edouardo's can't even contain ..

"Working with Made and team has been nothing less than perfection and such a blessing. We are continually amazed by the photos we have of the two of us and how well they were able to capture our love on our wedding day. Not only will we have them be our photographers for the rest of our lives, but we've developed such a great friendship with them. I will be forever grateful for their work and will recommend them constantly for the rest of my life to anyone!"

Photographed by Made Dwija & team.